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Rugged. Elusive. Strong. Legendary. Stinky. These are words that have been used to describe Sasquatch, the North American Ape. They are also used to describe Gearsquatch Gear...OK maybe not the last one.

What happens when you design and make gear that is rugged, elusive, strong and legendary like a Sasquatch? You get GEARSQUATCH!

Our CEO Scott has over 30 years of outdoor experience. He is an Eagle Scout, Army infantry veteran, Purple Heart recipient, Federal Law Enforcement Park Ranger veteran, and former EMT. He has a service dog ( 90lb GSD) for PTSD and is committed to designing and making the best equipment for K9 handlers and pets alike.

Scott has always been interested gear. All kinds of gear not just the outdoor kind. He was the Geardo ( the weird guy that has too much gear) in his Scout Troop, Army Unit and as a Park Ranger.

When Scott got out of the Army he studied Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Seattle and Portland. He took a soft goods class and bought an industrial sewing machine and the rest is history!

CEO Scott in Kabul, Afghanistan 2010

CEO Scott in Kabul, Afghanistan circa 2010